8GB - Slim SATA - SH9SLM6E008GHSI02


Density: 8GB
Product Sub Class: Slim SATA XP Plus SLC
Op Temp: I


SMART's Slim SATA embedded solid state drives are fully MO-297A compliant. Available with SLC or MLC Flash options, SMART's Slim SATA modules are offered in commercial or industrial temp versions in densities up to 256GB. The Slim SATA XL+ provides SATA III interface performance for industrial embedded applications lower capacity SLC NAND flash needs. The Slim SATA XP+ offers high level sequential and random read/write performance in high-capacity drives for transaction intensive applications using either MLC or SLC NAND. The X10 is SMART’s latest product, and has enterprise class features, including NAND RAID protection. Applications include boot drives, vaulting (offload of system DRAM cache to SSD in the case of an SPL event), NAS/SAN storage, x86 server-storage appliances, cloud servers, telecom, industrial control, defense, gaming, and printers.

Also see SMART's Slim SATA Value Series offerings.

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Resources and Support

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pdf file Embedded and Removable Products Brochure 1.3MB - PDF
PDF file Sales Literature - Slim SATA XL+, XP+ and X10 Product Overview 305KB - PDF 6/30/2016