Removable - microSD Card Products

SMART's microSD memory card product is fully SD compliant. Available with SLC or MLC Flash options, SMART's microSD cards are offered in commercial and industrial temp versions in densities up to 64GB. The microSD card product offers best in class, industrial grade microSD card performance.

Incorporating onboard error detection, correction algorithms and static and dynamic wear leveling techniques, SMART’s SD Card XL products ensure years of reliable operation over a product’s life. The microSD card is specifically designed to meet strict industrial operating and environmental requirements. Applications include specialized industrial uses, medical equipment, telematics, GPS, and aerospace inflight entertainment.

microSD Card MLC
microSD Card, 8GB - 64GB, MLC

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microSD Card pSLC
microSD Card, 4GB - 32GB, pSLC

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microSD Card SLC
microSD cards 1-4GB SLC

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microSD Card